Rock Orient Foundation and PreIPO Capital Partners Limited Reach Strategic Cooperation Agreement

Date of issue:2021-06-29
Recently, Rock Orient Foundation (hereinafter referred to as "The Foundation") and PreIPO Capital Partners (Shanghai) Limited (hereinafter referred to as "The Company") signed a strategic cooperation agreement that aims to explore broad and deep cooperation in the field of capital market, public health, education, culture, and big health industry. 

The Foundation is committed to develop charity and public welfare, promote education and cultural exchange worldwide, and provide solutions to the difficulties and challenges in public health. Registered in Shanghai, the Company is an investment holding group focusing on venture capital, private equity, and mergers and acquisitions. The Company's core investment philosophy is to discover value,excavate value and promote value.

The two parties have reached an agreement on their cooperation in the U.S. capital market. Leveraging the Foundation's competitive networking with investment banking experts from Wall Street and the Company's years of operation in China's capital market, they will jointly initiate a fund to support the domestic most promising growth stage companies to enter the U.S. capital market and they will work together to advance the healthy development of the capital market.

Meanwhile, the two parties also have had in-depth discussions on the industrial park project and reached a consensus on cooperation. The Foundation will bring in more high-quality resources in public health, education, technology, capital, and businesses from overseas, and the Company will help the regional industries in transformation, upgrade, and integration. These efforts will provide solutions to the integration of industry and finance in the regional industry development, improve the degree of internationalization, and enhance the capability to participate the global competition.